The Peanut Butter Solution - American Promotional Poster

The Peanut Butter Solution - American Promotional Poster

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The Peanut Butter Solution

dir. Michael Rubbo, 1985

I originally saw this movie by rental from a video store as a child.  Then, decades later two friends of mine were perusing Le Video in San Francisco and found a DVD of this picture on their Shlock & Awes helf.  Fortune favors the bold.  We were well rewarded for their noble effort.  Supporting the last remaining local video store and its surrounding community is highly noble.

This picture is pure entertainment.  In many ways it is so wrong, but what it IS, is just so right.  In tone, it is like a really long episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark.  Ostensibly it is a horror story.  It is most definitely Canadian.  It is so bad its good.  Its so good its GREAT.  I haven’t laughed this much watching a movie in a while.

I am going to just let the trailer speak for itself on this one.  Please watch it.

It was part of a mid-80’s series of Canadian children’s films called Tales for All.  It shares the same library as weirdness giant The Great Land of Small and curiously Australian Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Collector.

I have been searching for a copy for a long time and while tapes are around, and expensive and decaying, the only DVDs ever are french language only, out of print, and only sold in Canada (and the internet).

Lucky for us, youTube has our back.

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"The Fly" - A romantic comedy from director David Cronenberg.

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dir. John Boorman, 1974

More than Sean Connery in a red loin cloth.  It is also about a giant flying stone head that pukes guns at its servants.

I first saw this movie one night on cable after scanning past the words Sean Connery and science fiction.  I did not expect what I got, and am very glad to have got it.  This is a film in the old style of science fiction.  I like to say, “not about the spaceship” but what I mean is what the story is about is more important than what the set looks like.  Think original Star Trek.  Crappy looking (admit it) but very substantial.

This story is about immortality and what it might do to humans.  I think that it handles the subject very thoughtfully.  It also approaches the topic from some angles that many other eternal life movies never seems to.  I like the scene about trying to figure out what gives Connery (Zed) an erection.  When people are immortal they eventually no longer require children and eventually no longer desire sex.  Another example is how the populous punishes thought crimes (evidently the only sort of crime in a sexless world where you get gourmet food for free) by artificially aging you.  Think about an eternal life sentence as a 90 year old.

This was directed by John Boorman who is easily most widely known forDeliverance.  Rightly so.  This movie is sadly overlooked these days.  I would call it essential viewing of any proper science fiction fan.  While I doubt that it will become your new favorite it will be enjoyable and hopefully thought provoking.

At least this movie more than makes up for the little disaster that we like to call The Exorcist 2.  Mr. Boorman did give us James Earl Jones in a locust costume, but at what cost?

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